Welcome to Baptist Basics!  This website is a personal web ministry of Matthew Gage, and is dedicated to providing solid, yet simple, information and resources to believers everywhere.  The goal of this website is to keep truth alive, preserving it and passing it on to the next generation.  This site is unashamedly Independent, Fundamental Baptist in its doctrine and philosophy.

Baptist Basics is not a site that will offer recycled, retread information and resources.  The utmost care will be taken to offer fresh and useful information.

The information provided here is also not up for debate.  Baptist Basics does not, and will not, provide a forum for debates and arguments.  If you do not agree with what Baptist Basics stands for or promotes, then find a website you agree with and don't waste your time on this one.  This does not mean that the resources provided are perfect and do not have room for improvement.  If you feel that something is incorrect or inadequate, feel free to contact me with written out reasons and evidence and I will consider making necessary changes.

About Matthew Gage

I was saved at about the age of four, and surrendered to preach when I was in the third grade.  I graduated from Commonwealth Baptist College in 2005 with a degree in Pastoral Theology. If you want to count it, I also have a Master of Divinity degree from the correspondence school Southern Indiana Baptist College.

I am married with four children.  We currently reside in Decatur, Texas.  We are members of Friendship Baptist Church in Boyd, TX, where I serve in various capacities including as an Associate Pastor. I guess you could say I'm "bi-vocational" in that I work a full-time job and only do my ministry work part-time. Still looking for God to open the right door...

I am passionate about teaching and preaching God's Word, probably leaning a bit more on the teaching side. I absolutely love studying and teaching the Bible, Church History, and really just about anything that can strengthen believers. To be honest, my dream job would be to teach and train in a Bible college. This website sort of "scratches that itch".

Technical Notes

The site is built the old fashioned way using a text editor. The program that I currently using for that purpose is TextWrangler. I've used a few others on the Mac, but I like the features and price (free!) of TextWrangler. All audio recording is now done in GarageBand. For graphic design I am working on using Pixelmator. All of these are available on the Mac App Store.

I am slowly working to update the structure of the website. I began with straight HTML, but now incorporate PHP and CSS. I am now validating all code through the W3C Validation Service. My web host is HostGator. My domains are registered through Hover.