Baptist Articles

Title Description
Why I am a Baptist A few reasons why I am a Baptist
What is a Baptist? Short essay on what it takes to be a Baptist
What Does a Baptist Believe? A look at the Baptist Distinctives
Where Did Baptists Come From? A brief view of Baptist history
What is an Independent, Fundamental Baptist Briefly, what makes an Independent, Fundamental Baptist.
Did Baptists Begin in England? A short refutation of the common position of Baptist historians of our day.
Are Baptists Protestants? A look as to whether the term "Protestant" can be applied to Baptists
What is a Fundamentalist? A short description of a true Fundamentalist's positions
Origins of Independent Fundamental Baptists A look at the roots of the IFB movement

Baptist Documents

Title Description
The Experience and Life Work of Elder J. Thetford As A Preacher The story of a Landmark Baptist preacher in Texas from the 1880's to 1920's.

J. Frank Norris

Title Description
What Fundamental Baptist Churches Believe A list by J. Frank Norris
In Search of J. Frank Norris Visiting sites related to J. Frank Norris.
J. Frank Norris Bibliography List of books by and about Norris
Graves of Norris and Chipps PDF file with cemetery information, maps, and pictures.
D.E. Chipps Business Letter Scan of an authentic letter from the man killed by Norris.
Review of Apparent Danger A review of the new book about the Norris murder trial.
Review of Schepis' J. Frank Norris A review of the new Norris biography.
1917 Sulphur Springs Revival Scans of newspaper articles and ads
The Church That Is Different and Why? 1934 Church Brochure
J. Frank Norris by the Numbers Compilation and analysis of reported numbers
1932 First Baptist Auditorium Scan of photo of crowd outside new auditorium
The Fundamentalist - June 9, 1950 Scans of an issue of Norris's paper.