1932 First Baptist Fort Worth Photo

by MBG

I stumbled across this picture while digging through some old church records. Not sure who saved it or why, but think it is absolutely amazing.

The photo seems to have been originally an insert into the October 21, 1932, edition of Norris' The Fundamentalist. This is the third auditorium of the First Baptist Church of Fort Worth, built after the second was destroyed by fire in 1929. That fire was estimated to have caused $300,000 dollars in damage, of which only a portion of the insurance covered. Compounded with the Great Depression, raising funds to rebuild was difficult. The new auditorium was dedicated on July 1, 1932. It was largely unadorned, especially compared to its two predecessors. It was said to have seated 5,000 people. After Norris' death, the church sold the propert to developers and built a new campus.

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Here's Google Street View showing today where I think the picture was taken

Various pictures of inside the auditorium