Baptist History Spotlight

Baptist History Spotlight is a podcast dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the rich history of the Baptists. Each episode highlights a different person or story.

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Episodes Subject Podcast Link
1. The First Baptist in Texas Joseph Bays Download Mp3
2. Daniel Parker and the Pilgrim Church Daniel Parker Download Mp3
3. "Wildcat" Morrell Z.N. Morrell Download Mp3
4. B.H. Carroll B.H. Carroll Download Mp3
5. The Hayden Controversy S.A. Hayden Download Mp3
6. George W. Truett George W. Truett Download Mp3
7. J. Frank Norris J. Frank Norris Download Mp3
8. W.A. Criswell W.A. Criswell Download Mp3
9. Baptist Origins Theories about Baptist Origins Download Mp3
10. Baptist Origins - English Separatist Theory Did the Baptists begin in England in the 1600's as a Separatist group? Download Mp3
11. Baptist Origins - Baptist Succession Theory Is there an unbroken line of Baptists since the foundation of the Church? Download Mp3
12. Baptist Origins - Spiritual Kinship Theory How closely are Baptists related to or influenced by other historical groups? Download Mp3
13. Benjamin Keach Benjamin Keach Download Mp3
14. John Gill John Gill Download Mp3
15. John Rippon John Rippon Download Mp3
16. Charles Spurgeon Charles Spurgeon Download Mp3
17. John Bunyan John Bunyan Download Mp3
18. Andrew Fuller Andrew Fuller Download Mp3
19. Alexander Maclaren Alexander Maclaren Download Mp3